Tony Nathan
Born 1962, Malaysia
Lives in Perth

Messier object 35 , 2012

Inkjet print

100 x 200 cm

Edition 1 of 5

Sale Price: $4,500


These images were made remotely by using a17 inch Dall Kirkham telescope in South Alpen, France via the internet. Messier 9 is an object on the Messier list compiled by Charles Messier a comet hunter in the 18th century, His frustration at repeatedly encountering things which he thought were comets resulted in him publishing a list of nuisance objects. M9 is a globular cluster in the Ophiuchus constellation approximately 26,000 light years distance. This work is an extension of the Constellation series Nathan began in 2004.

Tony Nathan has worked as a professional photographer for 17 years. He investigates the urban landscape of Perth, a city whose physical fabric appears to be in a state of continual and often radical transition. He is also interested in the far flung corners of the universe, constantly testing technology, resolution and high-end printing to execute his fine, detailed and arresting photographs.

Artist's Biography

Tony Nathan has exhibited in Japan and Holland as well as in several solo and group shows in Australia including Transient States (2009) at the Lawrence Wislon Gallery and Linden 1968 (2008) at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melboune. Nathan was selected as the winner of the Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital Award in 2005 and was the inaugural winner of the City of Perth Photomedia Award in 2004, held at PICA. Nathan has also exhibited at PICA with his solo exhibiton Proof of Light (2005) and the group exhibition Show Character (2009).

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