Exhibiting in PICA Screen Space then concert in the Urban Orchard in the Perth Cultural Centre.
Born 1959 in Yokohama. Lives in Tokyo.
Music composer, guitarist and installation artist.

Otomo Yohshihide is credited with being one of the most adventurous sound creators of the Tokyo and international music scene since the 1980's. Bringing his experimental and collaborative sound scapes to Perth, he will create and then conduct a Double Orchestra made up of local musicians. The work will culminate in an extraordinary public concert on Saturday 10 December. This concert is born out of his recent project in Fukushima and calls attention to the situation in Japan.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2008 Ensembles, Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media, Yamaguchi, Japan.
2008 Without Records, Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media, Yamaguchi, Japan.
Selected Video Work
2009 Iwai Chikara (Filmmaker), Kikoe. Screened at the 14th Milano Film Festival; the 24th Mar del Plata International Film Festival; the Santiago International Film Festival and the Spectrum Rotterdam 38th International Film Festival.

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