Oottheroongoo (Your Country)

Julie Dowling

12 June - 3 August 2008
Westend Gallery

Julie Dowling, Oottheroongoo (Your Country) 2008 (dvd still)
Courtesy of the artist

Making her first foray into multi-media, Julie Dowling is a Perth based Badimaya artist known for her paintings detailing land, country and family. At once gentle and incisive, this installation is both a self-portrait and a wider history. It reveals an unfolding personal journey and offers glimpses of her physical and spiritual reconnection with her ancestral country - an experience Dowling has meticulously documented via film and photography.

Opening: Wednesday 11 June, 6pm

Artist talk: Julie Dowling
with an introduction by Carol Dowling
Westend Gallery
Friday 27 June, 1pm

The development of this project has been supported by the Australia Council.

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Installation view Oottheroongoo (Your Country), PICA, 2008
Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Eva Fernandez