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The @AestheticaMag #ArtPrize Call for Entries! Submit by 31 Aug. Prizes include an exhibition, publication & more
17/04/2014 09:30
RT @nathansbeard: Thanks to everybody that came to the open studio @PICA_Perth. It was a gigantic crowd to talk to in front of Richard Bell…
15/04/2014 13:53
RT @nathansbeard: Preview of the quick print job peeking through at Officeworks. My open studio is @PICA_Perth from 6pm tomorrow. http://t.
15/04/2014 03:10
We have studio openings tonight @ 6pm! Dave and Paul chatted with @RTRFM about their studio project on Monday:
15/04/2014 03:10
Great hula-hooping skills at Cultural Centre today! Just one part of #kickstartfestival @propelyoutharts
12/04/2014 04:21
We're setting up for our Stop-Motion Animation workshop today! Come join in the fun! @propelyouth #kickstartfestival
12/04/2014 03:40
This video by 18+ features acrobatic giraffes & was a part of oO @ #venicebiennale curated by #RaimundasMalašauskas
10/04/2014 11:19
'The Lithuanian mascot was a Roomba! He didn't actually clean though, he just wandered around' - #venicebiennale #RaimundasMalašauskas
10/04/2014 11:08
'His guided tour would always end with a headspin' - Raimundas Malašauskas takes us through his Venice Biennale shows #RaimundasMalašauskas
10/04/2014 11:06
Image by a Lithuanian photographer- Raimundas Malašauskas speaks on curating for 2 Biennale pavilions simultaneously
10/04/2014 10:40
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